Augmented Reality

AR system for medical application

  • 2D-3D tracking

Template matching

Real time registration using mesh silhouette


 Deep Learning in Medical Imaging

Cephalometric Landmark Detection

  • A system for automatic detection of cephalometric landmarks
  • Used for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning

Detection of Gynecologic Malignancies in CT images

Object segmentation via deep convolutional neural network (CNN)

  • Object shape prediction by 3D deconvolutional network
  • Image block-wise prediction with CNN classifier


 3D points Reconstruction from 2D images 

Depth map generation

  • Partial point cloud generation from various position via stereo camera
  • Depth map and point cloud quality enhancement



3D point cloud reconstruction

  • Merging the point cloud sets for whole scene
  • Optimized 3D point cloud

Image Registration

Non-rigid registration of lung CT images

Registration in the integration of laser-scanned dental images into CT images

GPU-based Reconstruction

3D reconstruction

  • Reconstruction of 3D volumetric image from projection data acquired CT
  • Very time-consuming task
  • Accelerated by more than 50 times using GPU
Metal Artifact Reduction

Metal Artifact Reduction

  • Streak artifacts as dark and bright streaks in CT
  • Exact metal segmentation and proper inpainting
Medical Image Processin­­g

Liver vessel segmentation and hepatic/portal vein classification

  • Liver vessel segmentation and hepatic/portal vein classification
  • Nonrigid registration between multi-phase CTAs